Our expertise is focused on complex regulatory environments. We are active in administrative and environmental law matters. Thanks to our experience as attorney-at-law, company lawyer, and as in-house legal counsel to government bodies, we are able to examine cases from multiple perspectives.


We like clarity. In order to prevent the complexity of laws and regulations hinder you in achieving your business goals, we provide you with clear overviews of regulations affecting your business. We offer practical and realistic recommendations that will help you move your business forward.


We use our expertise to advise both smaller and larger companies. We willingly advise companies in strongly regulated industries such as mining, the chemical industry, waste and energy, aviation and agriculture.


Famke van Dam has registered the following principal legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister):

– Administrative law

– Environmental law

Based on this registration, she is required to obtain ten training credits per calender year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.



We provide you with clarity regarding regulatory matters which are applicable to your (intended) business operations. We inform you about the impact on your business of new government decisions and decrees. We promote your interests in consultative bodies during the development of new policies and regulations.


Permits and exemptions

We assess the extent to which new activities or expansions can be fitted into the environment and what spatial planning framework applies. We counsel you in the application for permits and exemptions required for your business operations.



We closely examine your situation and provide you with practical and realistic recommendations to comply with regulatory requirements. If desired, we conduct an initial analysis, preferably on site, by means of a quick scan.


Supervision and enforcement

We advise on how to prepare for inspections/audits by government authorities and assist if you are confronted with enforcement measures. We conduct meetings and correspondence with enforcement and prosecution authorities and if necessary, submit a request for injunctive relief.


Commercial contracts

We advise on how to translate your business deal into a sound contract. We clarify complex provisions and identify the risks involved. We assist you in the negotiation trajectory.


Due diligence

We conduct investigations into the environmental and building law components of due diligence. We take into consideration the nature of the business activities and the impact on the environment. We will address contamination, necessary permits and exemptions, compliance with environmental regulations and any spatial planning restrictions.




You can engage our services either for a specific matter or as temporary in-house reinforcement of your legal department. We offer a fresh view, provide you with a clear roadmap and operate in a fast and effective manner. We aim to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and to achieve the best possible solutions.


The General Terms and Conditions of FD Legal Services are applicable to all services provided by us. You can find those General Terms and Conditions here.


In accordance with the requirement in article 6.28 of the Legal Profession Regulation (Verordening op de advocatuur), FD Legal Services is disposed of an office complaints handling scheme. You can consult this scheme here.

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